Celebrate Australia Day with This Ultimate Treat Box!

Celebrate Australia Day with This Ultimate Treat Box!
Celebrate Australia Day in style with Cloud Theory Marshmallows' newest creation – the Down Under Sweet Treat Box, exclusively available at Costco Australia & New Zealand! This specially curated 24-piece box features six distinct flavours inspired by classic Aussie sweets, promising a delightful experience for your taste buds.
Strawberry Passionfruit Pavlova
An airy delight of pavlova, featuring the fusion of ripe strawberries and passionfruit.
Fairy Bread
Fun sprinkles atop buttered bread but in a marshmallow. A homage to the nostalgic Aussie treat.
Lemon Meringue
Tart lemon meets fluffy marshmallow. A sweet and tangy treat with crunchy meringues and a lemon lolly.
Mint Slice
Delicious biscuit crumble mixed through refreshing mint marshmallow and chocolate chip pieces.
Raspberry Lamington
Tangy and sweet raspberry marshmallow coated in desiccated coconut.
Sticky Date Pudding
Chopped up pieces of dried dates with butterscotch sauce mixed through and swirled on top.


Crafted with love, our marshmallows are more than just a treat; they are a celebration and the Down Under Sweet Treat Box is the perfect way to honour Australia Day.

Order now and elevate your Australia Day celebration with the delightful flavours of Down Under, exclusively at Costco Australia and New Zealand! 

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