The Cloud Theory Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to make delicious treats that spark creativity and inspire greatness!

Discover the ultimate indulgence with Cloud Theory Gourmet marshmallows. Crafted to perfection, we elevate this classic treat to new levels of beauty and deliciousness. With every bite, you'll be transported to a heavenly realm of sweetness.

Mad about marshmallows.

Ever wonder where Cloud Theory get it's abundance of creativity and passion from? Meet May. She is the founder behind Cloud Theory.

Living on a farm in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, with chilly winters May was inspired to make homemade marshmallows to roast under the stars.

May's first attempt was raspberry marshmallow using fresh raspberry puree and she was amazed by the delicious taste. It sparked her creativity and she started trying out different flavours. She soon realised that the only limit to marshmallow flavours is her imagination!

May put her own spin on things by making her marshmallows not just delicious, but also instagram-worthy with a touch of luxury and beauty.

Her mission through Cloud Theory is to cast a spell of inspiration, awaken the extraodinary within the ordinary, and sprinkle, love, joy, and creativity throughout the world.

Thank you!

We wouldn't be here without our loving customers joining us on our journey. So thank you for helping us spread joy and happiness one marshmallow at a time!

Meet The Dream Team

A toast to the ultimate marshmallow-making dream team! 💖✨💪 The teams creativity and dedication truly turn simple ingredients into fluffy, sugary wonders that bring smiles to everyone's faces. 🌈🍬 From whipping up the mix to perfecting the decorations, it's the teamwork that makes these marshmallows truly magical.

Thank you to Cloud Theory's Dream Team for making every marshmallow moment unforgettable. 💖